Cockroach Control

Even very clean homes are starting to battle with roaches! Just because your home is spotless doesn’t mean you can’t get a pest infestation. As long as there is food and shelter, pests will always try to get in. If you eliminate these resources they may move on, but we recommend having a professional exterminator come to have a look at the situation first just to make sure. However, catching one issue early on is advisable because it will require less treating and therefore, less hassle.

About Cockroaches

They can survive in conditions that other pests cannot because they’re such adaptable little ones. In turn, this can make it a little harder to find and control them, especially on your own.  They can definitely be a disgusting pest to come across, but your health also becomes a concern when cockroaches make an appearance; especially if you’re facing an infestation.

They carry unhealthy, hazardous bacteria that is transmitted to counters, floors, furniture, and anywhere they touch. When a person comes into contact or is exposed to this contamination (bacteria) they can become ill with symptoms mimicking that of food poisoning or diarrhea. Neither of which are desirable issues to have!

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Preventing Roaches

They are able to enter a property quite easily. They crawl quickly and can easily access the small fractures or cracks along the exterior of your building. You may not see the gaps or cracks, but they will find them and get inside. These entry points need to be located in order to seal up the home. We will gladly assist you in finding out where they are getting inside and help you fix the areas if applicable.

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Cockroach Removal

Many of our customers have mentioned trying over the counter products for so many months, or weeks, or days and decided to call us because they weren’t seeing any improvement. This is quite typical honestly, because the products individuals can buy are not always powerful enough to eradicate the roaches for good. Our exterminators use commercial, quality-grade solutions to treat and keep them away.